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Use Case - Video Analysis

It is estimated that by 2021, video services will account for 82% of all the traffic on the internet. With 50% of all data being encrypted and the expectation that this figure will rise, operators are facing the challenge of extracting insights from the network and understanding the customer QoE. 

Operators are also recognizing that video streaming is a potential area for growth and want to be able to offer their own streaming platform, which they can monetize and sell alongside existing video streaming services. However, in order to be able to offer and monitor these services, operators must gain critical insights into an area which is largely encrypted.

RADCOM 's cutting-edge solution:

  • Deploys machine learning and heuristic modeling to develop algorithms which are powered by mass video streaming samples
  • These offer insights into the KQI’s relating to:
    • Starting delay
    • Rebuffering indication
    • The frequency and the duration of the rebuffering
    • The video resolution and the duration of each of the four resolution levels
    • The total bytes of effective video throughput.

This is then calculated and represented in a score from 0-5. Using these insights, operators can gain visibility across encrypted networks and understand the QoE being delivered to the customer.

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