The average subscriber may not distinguish between different apps, such as WhatsApp, Netflix, and YouTube, and as such demands the same level of service across all these different channels, blaming the operator if the service quality is poor, even if it is not the operator’s application. Furthermore, over 50% of all network data is currently encrypted, leaving the operator in a blind spot. Yet, the operator is still required to understand OTT usage so that they can ensure a consistently high level of service, whatever the subscriber's usage patterns are.

To gain insights, operators can deploy Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). RADCOM uses multiple technologies including heuristic and statistical analysis to clarify and detect traffic, allowing the operator to understand which applications are sending the data that is travelling through the network.  

RADCOM’s Enhanced DPI:

  • Gives operators full network visibility into the subscribers OTT user experience including, encrypted traffic and is fully integrated and embedded within the software engine
  • Can identify with high classification granularity which services (audio, video, chat, file transfer) are being used for popular OTT applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, BitTorrent, Viber, YouTube etc., as well as distinguish between services. 

By utilizing signature mapping for DPI analysis, RADCOM is able to provide TCP based quality metrics for the QoE giving the operator ket insights into the network, which applications are being used and how the traffic is flowing through the network.