Customer care

Use case - Customer care

As the first touchpoint between customer and operator, it is crucial that support representatives are armed with as much real-time data as possible, making the interaction between the customer and support a seamless and efficient experience.

Solution benefits:

  • Improve first call resolution: send fewer complaints to engineering 
  • Give a clear overview of issues, for a quick and satisfying resolution 
  • Provides self-care for customers to check service quality themselves 
  • Display clear, concise customer data so service reps handle calls efficiently  
  • Streamline customer care cost efficiency, starting now

RADCOM provides real-time business intelligence through a suite of information and insights allowing operators to VISUALize a subscribers Quality of Experience (QoE) instantly. Real-time and relevant information is a vital tool for customer care as calls can either be dealt with on the spot or escalated to the appropriate department.

In a world of instant communication, where information is power, customers have come to expect equally immediate resolutions to their network issues. With RADCOM Customer Care, operators can know they will have all the relevant data readily available for first call resolution, saving resources and delivering increased customer satisfaction.

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