uLocate - Pinpoint location

uLocate - Pinpoint location


Activate a mobile beacon for emergency services. Deliver locally relevant alerts and opt-in advertising to anonymized mobile customers. uLocate provides mobile service providers, public safety services, and authorized agencies with accurate, real-time mobile device location data for disaster rescue, geo-location aggregation for radio optimization, and for value-added location-based advertising.


What can uLocate do?

  • Support 2G, 3G, and 4G technology for full mobile coverage
  • Deliver critical location-based data in real-time
  • Enable easy, vendor-agnostic, cost-efficient deployment with simple LBS database integration
  • Lightweight yet complete coverage of all network and subscriber data

Key Features:

  • Mass Data Drop

    Mass Data Drop

    Aggregates all subscriber data for all events across the entire network, for use with big data analytics.
  • On-Point Calculator

    On-Point Calculator

    Get an accurate fix on current location: uLocate’s proprietary algorithms continuously aggregate network radio measurements.
  • Geo-Notify


    Trigger welcome messages for roamers, or location-based advertising data, with geo-location notifications.
  • Active Tracker

    Active Tracker

    Activates paging for location updates in an emergency situation.
  • Data Reserve

    Data Reserve

    Collects and retains subscriber activity metadata for regulatory requirements.
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