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Assuring NFV Transformation Success

A critical first step in a successful NFV transformation is for operators to gain complete network visibility across their hybrid (virtual and physical) networks. Once implementing this vital first step, they gain an end-to-end understanding of the customer experience and service quality needed to ensure a transparent and successful NFV transformation.

With Advanced Probe-based Service Assurance

Cloud-native probe-based service assurance is the only choice for operators to achieve full network visibility during their transition to NFV. Probes empower operators with an end-to-end view across different network tiers (edge, core, IP, etc.), and cross-domains (physical and virtual); essential for assuring the customer experience in today’s highly competitive markets.

Designed on Cloud-Native Technology

RADCOM’s cloud-native solution – MaveriQ - provides the most advanced service assurance solution with cost-efficient, low-touch, automated deployments, and on-demand probing with seamless integration into an operators’ cloud environment implemented with industry-leading best practices and methodologies.

Delivering Network Insight Use Cases

MaveriQ provides network insight use cases that enable operators to gain a clear understanding of their customer experience across multiple services such as streaming video, voice and VoLTE, and web browsing.

  • Advanced Customer Care
  • Monetization Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Network Optimization
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