Marketing Analytics - Correlating customer connection

Marketing Analytics - Correlating customer connection


Subscribers rely heavily on connected devices for day-to-day living. Understand usage patterns and data to build a plan and service profile that better fits the needs of the customer, and to stay ahead of competitors. Marketing Analytics aggregates and correlates data from network, device, app and browsing usage, framing a 360° view of the customer. This allows carriers to deliver a truly personalized service, with adjusted subscriber plans, optimized device troubleshooting, enhanced upsell options, and more effectively marketed campaigns.


What can Marketing Analytics do?

  • Create tailor-made offerings to enhance customer happiness and revenue flow
  • Analyze OTT app usage to create new streams of revenue and new partnerships
  • Provide trend insights to sales and marketing to improve upgrade opportunities
  • Help to promote plans and new devices to specific subscribers

  • Device Assure

    Device Assure

    Detect handset or data card faults to rapidly resolve critical customer issues.
  • Market Intel

    Market Intel

    Determine marketing campaign effectiveness.
  • OTT Compete

    OTT Compete

    Analyze voice call and video streaming to help build attractive promotions for pre-paid subscribers, to compete with OTT services.
  • Data Reserve

    Data Reserve

    Collects and retains subscriber activity metadata for law enforcement and regulatory requirements.
  • Churn Conversion

    Churn Conversion

    Target churn-risk subscribers to convert them into loyal customers.
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