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RANalysis - Analyze to optimize


Overloaded or misconfigured RAN elements can seriously impact subscriber connectivity and service quality. It is critical to ensure that your radio access network (RAN) is fully optimized. RADCOM’s RANalysis enables fast and easy RAN analysis for 3G and 4G networks, supporting engineers, reducing drive-testing expenses, and shortening troubleshooting turnaround time. Keep up the high level of service subscribers have come to expect with RANalysis.


What can RANalysis do?

  • Minimize OPEX and CAPEX with controllable drive-testing and optimizable infrastructure
  • Reduce missed or dropped calls caused by cells: improve service quality
  • Boost the customer experience: increase cell coverage, capacity, and quality of service

Key Features:

  • Cell Alarm

    Cell Alarm

    Detects radio errors and cell anomalies.
  • Drilldown Detect

    Drilldown Detect

    Drill down to individual events for root cause analysis.
  • SON Healer

    SON Healer

    Use data feed triggers to automatically repair cell problems: save resources.
  • Built-In RAN Flow

    Built-In RAN Flow

    Delivers pre-defined RAN status workflows out of the box.
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