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Designed on Cloud-Native Technology

RADCOM Network Intelligence is designed specifically for telecom operators and provides the most advanced assurance solution on the market with cost-efficient, low-touch, automated deployments, and on-demand onboarding and configuration with seamless integration into an operators’ cloud environment implemented with industry-leading best practices and methodologies.


RADCOM Solution Architecture


Comprised of RADCOM Service Assurance, RADCOM Network Visibility and RADCOM Network Insights, RADCOM's Network Intelligence portfolio provides operators with complete visibility for the transition to 5G. RADCOM Network Intelligence is automated, cost-efficient and is specifically designed for the needs of telecom operators. 

RADCOM Network Visibility is a dynamic, next-generation, network packet brokering solution for telecom operators to collect, process and distribute traffic across multiple network domains. Providing operators with a network visibility solution that leverages high performance, and built-in troubleshooting functionality for full network visibility within the 5G-ready cloud. 

Cloud-native probe-based service assurance is the only choice for operators to achieve full network visibility during their transition to 5G. Probes empower operators with an end-to-end view across different network tiers (edge, core, IP, etc.), and cross-domains (physical and virtual); essential for assuring the customer experience in today’s highly competitive markets.

RADCOM Network Insights delivers business-critical intelligence to the operator by providing a complete 360° view of the customer and service experience. RADCOM takes the raw data from the RADCOM Network Visibility and RADCOM Service Assurance layers and converts it into rich actionable insights offering business-critical intelligence to the operator.

Covering a wide range of use cases from roaming, video optimization, data monetization and churn prevention, RADCOM Network Insights correlates the network intelligence into revenue-generating business insights for multiple departments across the organization such as engineering, customer care, Network Operators Center (NOC), Service Operations Center (SOC) and Customer Experience Management (CEM).

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