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An automated, containerized assurance solution, with AI-driven insights, providing end-to-end visibility for 5G from the RAN to the core

RADCOM ACE is an automated 5G assurance platform that seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes to provide a closed-loop approach to assurance for Standalone (SA) and Non-standalone (NSA) 5G. Being Service Based Architecture (SBA) ready, the solution supports advanced 5G assurance capabilities for end-to-end visibility into the customer experience and service quality for 5G. RADCOM ACE uses streaming analytics to deliver automated real-time network intelligence given to the operators’ orchestration to detect, analyze, and resolve issues automatically. RADCOM ACE also provides end-to-end network troubleshooting from the KPI level down to the session/packet level, critical when rolling out new network architectures.


RADCOM ACE is a fully automated 5G assurance platform that seamlessly integrates with Kubernetes (K8), which controls the containerized functions, essential to enabling automation in the network.


Built using a microservices architecture allows for efficient scaling and updating. The Lego-like structure allows for the addition and removal of microservices and components as needed, keeping it lightweight and agile.


Correlating multiple data sources (network events, event data records, and network packets) from the 5G NR to the 5G core, RADCOM ACE provides smart insights to ensure a superior customer experience for 5G.


  • Correlates multiple data sources (network events, event detail records, and packets) from the 5G core
  • Delivers AI-driven insights and automated root cause analysis for 5G
  • Offers advanced 5G assurance with Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS) correlation, CUPS protocol decoding, and supports the Packet Forwarding Control Protocol (PFCP) used in the 5G core.

RADCOM provides operators an understanding of the customer experience, low-level cloud-based troubleshooting applications and AI-driven insights

By collecting data from multiple sources (network events, event detail records and network packets) across the 5G network RADCOM Network Insights takes the data which has been collected and analyzed by RADCOM Service Assurance and applies cutting edge AI and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to derive real-time insights to understand the 5G customer experience and optimize the 5G network performance.

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