QVIP - Take constant care of your VIPs

QVIP - Take constant care of your VIPs


VIP clients are a CSP’s most valued assets. They influence brand perception, and contribute significantly to revenue flow. It is crucial to continually, closely, and proactively monitor quality of experience for VIP individuals, groups, or corporate accounts. RADCOM’s QVIP tool keeps a constant vigil on VIP QoE, sending alerts for any drop in service quality, helping to identify any issues before they affect VIPs, and helping maintain consistently excellent service. Keep Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and go above and beyond, with QVIP.


What can QVIP do?

  • Sustain service quality across all technologies (data, voice and VoIP)
  • Run and display a dedicated VIP service quality feed, to keep up with SLAs
  • Provide rapid analysis and resolution even before subscribers become aware of issues
  • Use deep drilldown to discover root causes of any service deterioration
  • Deliver easy cross-department cooperation via a VIP dashboard that spans the organization
  • Display VIP trends that aid in relevant marketing for VIP subscribers

Key Features:

  • VIP Dashboard

    VIP Dashboard

    High-level all-inclusive VIP dashboard with extended reporting capability.
  • Threshold Alarms

    Threshold Alarms

    Sound real-time alarms when pre-defined individualized SLA thresholds are hit; engineers are instantly alerted to issues.
  • Historical Trends

    Historical Trends

    See past trends over a defined period to plan and optimize the network.
  • Data Filtering

    Data Filtering

    VIP customer intelligence is easily filtered by time scale or parameters such as customer location or service type.
  • VIP Zoom-In

    VIP Zoom-In

    Define and monitor different VIP categories and subgroups.
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