QRoam - Make the journey better

QRoam - Make the journey better


Offer an exceptional user experience for roaming subscribers. QRoam yields detailed roaming analysis, enabling service providers to continually verify the quality of service subscribers are receiving as they roam. Network issues are more rapidly resolved, and voice and data services are maintained at a high standard for all of the CSP’s roaming subscribers as well as incoming roaming customers, increasing revenue rewards.


What can QRoam do?

  • Ensuring SLA for roaming-out packages
  • Accelerate roaming issue resolution time, growing inbound and outbound roaming usage
  • Analyze roaming partner data to provide a better quality outbound customer experience
  • Diagnose failures and glitches in service per roaming operator for fast recovery
  • Increase revenue by ensuring top quality outbound roaming
  • Help CSP stand out as the operator of choice for inbound roaming steering
  • Analyze trending service usage for roaming partners, in order to provide attractive roaming packages

Key Features:

  • Cross-Bill Verify

    Cross-Bill Verify

    Help CSPs meet subscriber expectations for outbound roaming.
  • Roaming Analytics

    Roaming Analytics

    Dissect the data from roaming intelligence: gain trending insights such as post-promotion service use, or roaming partner performance.
  • Drill-Down Detector

    Drill-Down Detector

    Go granular, quickly diving from an overall view of service quality to individual subscriber troubleshooting.
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