QMyHandset - Know what customers are using

QMyHandset - Know what customers are using


Monitor and manage many different kinds of connected devices on your network. Identify unruly handsets that may be causing significant network degradation, so operators can make reactive adjustments. Prevent problems from affecting other customers, and provide information that helps support users whose devices are causing issues.


What can QMyHandset do?

  • Serve up statistics on handset usage trends for sales and marketing optimization
  • Identify handsets degrading the network, to prevent customer experience deterioration

Key Features:

  • Device Dossier

    Device Dossier

    Profile device use data in detail: offer device upgrades, and boost usage or plan optimization. Report customer experience per handset type.
  • Trend Comparison

    Trend Comparison

    Present marketing with usage and performance trend comparisons to help them create campaigns that improve upgrade cycles.
  • Campaign Monitor

    Campaign Monitor

    Improve promotion effectiveness by monitoring device-related marketing campaigns.
  • Upgrade Assurance

    Upgrade Assurance

    Detect, investigate, and resolve issues related to mobile OS upgrades.
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