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QInsight - Take a deep dive into data


Fast, interactive, with the latest UI tech and smart drag-and-drop, QInsight’s fully customizable visualizations offer new ways to exhibit and investigate business insights. Display integrated alarms and predictive analysis with interactive charts and dashboards. QInsight is based on the Dundas platform, fully loaded and customized, and ready to present the full customer experience, visually.


What can QInsight do?

  • Quickly present rich, interactive dashboards and visualizations, with options to drill, sort, filter, zoom, and group
  • Vary data visuals with charts, data bars, gauges, maps, state indicators, bullet graphs, checkboxes, images, and hyperlinks
  • Display progress over time with interactive scorecards
  • Show hierarchical visualization via treemap
  • Offer a full immersive experience on both desktop and mobile, with responsive, automatically resized design based on available screen size
  • Impart predictive analysis, integrated with R language
  • Extract advanced data analytics: trend, forecasting, priority ranking, period over period, states and formulas

Key Features:

  • Responsive Dashboard

    Responsive Dashboard

    Filter, sort, group, re-visualize, drill down, and perform advanced calculations with this easy-to-use interface and its wide range of included visualizations, styles and themes.
  • Self-BI


    User-initiated, easy ad hoc dashboard creation and customization.
  • Mark-Up Together

    Mark-Up Together

    Communicate and collaborate easily with back-and-forth note responses and conversation views of annotated metrics.
  • Email Alerts

    Email Alerts

    Receive email: alarm notifications when data hits conditional dynamic thresholds, scheduled report delivery, and responses to comments.
  • Story Slides

    Story Slides

    Present insights via a series of views that form a logical business story
  • Auto Display

    Auto Display

    Display a dashboard for a configurable duration before it switches to the next sequential view: perfect for large screen presentations.
  • High Performance

    High Performance

    Built-in in-memory mechanism.
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