QiCare - Your customers expect more!

QiCare - Your customers expect more!


Now, provide excellent, comprehensive customer service support. Give customer care reps the ability to engage with customers efficiently and professionally, using QiCare’s clear, concise overview of omni-channel subscriber experience, including information on browsing and call history, applications and data used, speedtest analytics, and the subscriber’s current QoE. Resolve issues promptly, with less need to escalate issues. Keep customers happy, and prevent churn.

What can QiCare do?

  • Give a clear overview of issues, for quick and satisfying resolution
  • Display clear, concise customer data so your reps handle calls smoothly
  • Improve first call resolution: send fewer complaints to engineering
  • Streamline customer care cost efficiency, starting now

Key Features:

  • Instant QoE Index

    Instant QoE Index

    Give reps an immediate glance at customer’s current quality of experience, with issues clearly marked.
  • Bill Shock Buster

    Bill Shock Buster

    Display historical data usage per app, by location, so reps can clearly explain data consumption issues and suggest plan changes.
  • Speed Dashboard

    Speed Dashboard

    Present customer with speedtest parameters of uplink, download and latency in real-time and historically.
  • Device Usage Trends

    Device Usage Trends

    Deliver a wealth of data on customer device usage; show SIM usage across multiple devices; recognize tethering and cloning abuse.
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