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QExpert - Reporting for duty


QExpert’s Cognos-based BI portal is your doorway into network intelligence. It offers advanced options for report creation, with multiple logically pre-defined KPI and KQI measurements by category, for out-of-the-box, in-depth network monitoring reports. Use QExpert’s drag and drop tool to create reports and dashboard views on the fly, with a variety of charts, tables, and drill-down options. Work with offline charts, annotations, and mobile device integration in QExpert’s rich, user-friendly GUI environment.


What can QExpert do?

  • Focus on relevant and reusable data, with drill-down and aggregation of media and signaling attributes, and service quality measurements
  • Offer flexible options for selected parameters, graphic display formats, and scheduling

Key Features:

  • Same-Tool Support

    Same-Tool Support

    Integrates easily with all network technologies.
  • Report Update

    Report Update

    Constant package update, with new reports in each version.
  • Cross-Solve


    Present engineers with results that home in on diverse areas of network activity, for example: subscribers, network performance, data services, handsets, or roamers.
  • Cross-Section


    Display results in multiple cross-sections, for example: by subscriber, by network elements, by services, procedures, or by various time periods.
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