QConnect - It’s all interconnected

QConnect - It’s all interconnected


Easily understand your interconnection services to verify billing and fulfill SLAs with other carriers. QConnect offers interconnection insights for service providers by displaying both self-owned segments and leased links, for network performance and for traffic volumes exchanged. Use QConnect to proactively troubleshoot issues in interconnected networks.


What can QConnect do?

  • Present a clear analysis of interconnected services to evaluate partners’ SLA conformance
  • Block revenue leakage: deliver real-time intelligence on network issues
  • Rapidly identify interconnect problems for swift resolution
  • Provide historical data of interconnection services to allow for more informed planning of future partner agreements

Key Features:

  • RegReq Check

    RegReq Check

    Offers comprehensive data to help verify billing, SLA conformity, and regulatory requirements.
  • Parameter Focus

    Parameter Focus

    Focuses on quality parameters such as release cause, ASR, or CFR.
  • Data Drilldown

    Data Drilldown

    Drills down to data by time or dimensions (country, operator, prefix, carrier, and links).
  • Configurate


    Enhances configuration to enable better investigation and troubleshooting.
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