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QCell - Uncap your cell capacity


QCell analyzes performance quality, and quality of experience (QoE), by geographical cell and cell sector. Use QCell to identify underutilized or congested cells by location and time frame, letting you know where to realign or redistribute cell traffic.


What can QCell do?

  • Locate and analyze poorly performing cells
  • Proactively improve subscriber QoE: optimize cell performance
  • Prepare for special high-traffic events such as a mass attendance sports match
  • Show location-based service utilization for marketing statistics purposes

Key Features:

  • QoE Dashboard

    QoE Dashboard

    View subscriber QoE dashboard per geolocation.
  • QoE Analyze

    QoE Analyze

    Analyze QoE KPIs: drill down in the location hierarchy.
  • KPI Trend

    KPI Trend

    View daily, weekly, and monthly trends for best and worst KPIs.
  • QoE Slicing Map

    QoE Slicing Map

    Slice subscriber QoE by cell sector, cell site, town, province, region, or a specially defined area.
  • QoE G-Map

    QoE G-Map

    See subscriber QoE on Google Map view.
  • Drilldown Detect

    Drilldown Detect

    Find most affected subscribers, locations, devices and network elements for any KPI failure: drill down for root cause analysis.
  • QTrace Connect

    QTrace Connect

    Drill down from QoE view for end-to-end correlated tracing and troubleshooting.
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