QAlarm - Keeping an eye on KPIs

QAlarm - Keeping an eye on KPIs


A streamlined, multi-use, cross-app alarm system, QAlarm tracks thousands of KPIs and provides automatic push notifications to the NOC and network engineers. Easy to personalize for each user’s most relevant KPIs, QAlarm helps maintain network performance and service quality without chaining engineers to the screen. Avoid the tedium and waste of constant watch, and more importantly, avoid missed issues and network degradation: all you need is QAlarm.


What can QAlarm do?

  • Push auto notifications of network and service problems without manual monitoring
  • Deliver auto alarms for multiple services and departments, across all RADCOM apps
  • Set alarm thresholds for aggregated KPIs
  • Track online service usage to control network load or service abuse

Key Features:

  • Tagged Alert

    Tagged Alert

    Define multiple alarm severity levels: focus on essential services.
  • Umbrella Alarm

    Umbrella Alarm

    Cover all services across voice and data.
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