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Network Functions Virtualization

RADCOM is a first-mover in NFV service assurance and customer experience management. With its patented product, MaveriQ it enables service providers to meet the NFV challenges head on and enjoy the benefits while also assuring their physical network; providing a unified view of the services and real-time customer experience across all domains. With RADCOM, service providers gain a service assurance solution that seamlessly slots into multi-vendor NFV environments (such as OpenStack and VMWare) for rapid integration, reduction in complexity and cost.


  • Gain the cost benefits and service agility of NFV, while assuring customer experience
  • Save time and manpower with automated deployments within minutes 
  • Deploy on-demand probes to quickly react to traffic and network fluctuations   
  • Integrate the assurance functionality as part of the network for full cloud automation

Key Features

  • Automated Deployments

    Automated Deployments

    Use Openstack Heat Orchestration Templates (HOT) to automate MaveriQ deployments

  • Automated Configuration & Management

    Automated Configuration & Management

    Use Ansible to fully configure and manage MaveriQ deployments

  • Multi-Purpose VNF Probes

    Multi-Purpose VNF Probes

    Use MaveriQ vProbes for vCPE, vEPC, vIMS, VoLTE, VoWiFi, LTE and IoT

  • Wide NFV Ecosystem Support

    Wide NFV Ecosystem Support

    Deploy MaveriQ within OpenStack, Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator on KVM and VMware

  • Open Architecture

    Open Architecture

    API support for legacy probe data feeds

New benefits



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RADCOM’s NFV solutions enable the monitoring of entire virtual networks (vCPE, vEPC, vIMS), virtual network elements (vMME, vSGW) and network interfaces such as S1-MME, S6a, S10, S11, S5/8, S1-U etc.

RADCOM's solution aims to be in line with standardization bodies in the NFV space and is interoperable across the orchestration components, the supporting virtualized infrastructure and the underlying physical infrastructure.  All RADCOM's solutions can be seamlessly deployed in NFV environments that conform to ETSI and TMF architectures

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