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M2M - Machines, well connected

Now, provide a better quality of service for machine-to-machine customers for fixed asset or fleet management, security systems, automated meters, medical app usage, asset monitoring, and credit card payment. Detect and identify machine anomalies, poorly performing machines, or low-quality machine connections.

What can M2M do?

  • Monitor and optimize services provided to enterprise customers
  • Provide real-time alarms for machine anomalies

Key Features:

  • M-Watch


    Monitor performance of all machines on the network.
  • Pattern Interrupt

    Pattern Interrupt

    Identify badly performing machines, and machine anomalies.
  • M-Group Trend

    M-Group Trend

    View trends for machine groups: active machines, network connections, data transfer, and network interaction.
  • IoT Cloud Info

    IoT Cloud Info

    Provide additional information and analytics data to the IoT Cloud: mobility, location, statistics, and cell connection.
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