End-to-End Network Insights

RADCOM Network Insights delivers business-critical intelligence to the operator by providing a complete 360° view of the customer and service experience. RADCOM takes the raw data from the RADCOM Network Visibility and RADCOM Service Assurance layers and converts it into rich actionable insights offering business-critical intelligence to the operator.

Having a complete end-to-end view of the service quality enables the operator to have a full understanding of the customer experience, from services they are utilizing to how they are experiencing the network. Using this intelligence, operators can prioritize customer affecting issues, recommend corrective actions, and rapidly troubleshoot any performance issues using deep call-tracing and protocol analysis tools.

RADCOMize your customer experience management

  • Gain a 360° view of the customer’s quality of experience
  • Ensure quality of service and quality of experience for voice, data, VoLTE, SMS, fixed mobile and broadband services
  • Troubleshoot and predictively analyze network performance to reduce churn
  • Improve VIP customer experience, protecting revenue streams
  • Benefit from a correlated end-to-end view across all network domains for subscribers, networks, roamers, VIPs, geographical regions and devices

Real-time data visualization and big data analytics

Intuitive drag and drop dashboards for a full network view of the QoE

Covering a wide range of use cases from roaming, video optimization, data monetization and churn prevention, RADCOM Network Insights correlates the network intelligence into revenue-generating business insights for multiple departments across the organization such as engineering, customer care, Network Operators Center (NOC), Service Operations Center (SOC) and Customer Experience Management (CEM).

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RADCOM Network Insights

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