Gaining full network visibility

A critical first step in the journey to NFV


As the transition to NFV ramps up, more and more operators are looking to benefit from a software-controlled network. However, to guarantee a successful cloud transformation, operators have to deploy a cloud-native service assurance solution that provides network visibility across hybrid networks (physical and virtual) to assure the transition is transparent to subscribers while delivering a high-quality customer experience.

Gaining full network visibility

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  • A cloud-native solution makes assurance cost-effective and integrates seamlessly into an operator's cloud
  • An end-to-end view of the services across hybrid networks ensures a high-quality customer experience
  • Integrated assurance provides customer-centric analytics to operations, network engineers, customer-care, and management teams
  • Microservices architecture increases solution reliability and stability
  • Embedded assurance leads to more efficient network resource management
  • Virtualization technologies such as DPDK and SR-IOV boosts real-time performance for high capacity network monitoring

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