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Customer satisfaction is a key factor in retaining customers and preventing churn. RADCOM’s MaveriQ Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution empowers service providers to proactively monitor and improve the customer experience, while using their mobile and fixed networks, and is essential for the smooth transition of their customers when rolling out new services and network technologies.

MaveriQ CEM uses data captured from multiple data sources (network probes, CRM ticketing, billing) for all subscribers 24/7 to create a Quality of Experience (QoE) index that represents the subscriber’s perception of Quality of Experience. This QoE index is calculated for a single subscriber as well as aggregated handsets, applications, geographical locations, network elements, such as MMEs and for application groups, such as APNs. The QoE index forms the basis of RADCOM’s CEM solution and provides service providers with a clear and unified view of their customers’ experience across multiple services such as streaming video, voice quality and web browsing running over a wide range of technologies.

MaveriQ CEM is software-based, allowing service providers to manage the constantly increasing data explosion, without the need to deploy expensive hardware. MaveriQ CEM is also available as an NFV-ready solution that providers operators with a unified quality of experience dashboard across physical, hybrid and virtual networks.


  • 360° view of the customer’s quality of experience 
  • Provides actionable network intelligence 
  • Ensures Quality of Service for voice, data, SMS, fixed broadband and VoLTE services 
  • Reduces churn by proactive troubleshooting and predictive analysis
  • Protects revenue streams by improving VIP customer experience 

Key Features

  • Subscriber Profiling

    Subscriber Profiling

    Rich actionable insights into customer activity, such as usage and performance information for devices, services, applications and locations to better understand quality of experience, and create highly personalized offerings for up-sell, cross-sell and data monetization opportunities

  • Big Data Support

    Big Data Support

    Capture and process all network traffic in real-time

  • Data Visualization Dashboard

    Data Visualization Dashboard

    Quickly and easily analyze data in a meaningful way. Design your own dashboards via a drag-and-drop menu

  • Import & Export Insightful Data

    Import & Export Insightful Data

    Import data from external systems such as CRM or billing systems to enrich the network data collected and export data to external marketing systems, OSS systems and customer service applications

  • Rich Set of Customer Experience Applications

    Rich Set of Customer Experience Applications

    Customer Care, VIP customers, Roaming, Device analysis and Marketing analysis

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