#1 in Virtualization

#1 in Cloud-Native Service Assurance

RADCOM is the leading expert in cloud-native service assurance for telecom operators. As the first service assurance provider to transition from proprietary hardware to a fully virtualized solution, RADCOM has years of virtualization experience, having been chosen by AT&T to virtualize their network probing functions to the cloud as part of their Domain 2.0 project. Following pioneering work with AT&T and continuous product development and industry best practices for implementing service assurance functionality into ECOMP and ONAP (NFV MANO), RADCOM’s cloud-native solution has since been selected by additional top-tier operators to assure their NFV transformations.

Assuring a successful NFV transformation

With NFV experts across the company, RADCOM helps customers migrate their legacy assurance solutions to the cloud. Our proven best practices, methodologies, and rapid, agile development cycles ensure that MaveriQ keeps ahead of competitors and delivers real value to customers while staying up to date with the latest virtualization standards, and developments.

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