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Smartphone Service Optimization

Smartphone Service Optimization with RADCOM’s MaveriQ Service Assurance solution can now play a major role in the successful smartphone service deployment on wireless networks. RADCOM’s MaveriQ provides crucial visibility into smartphone multimedia services across the network, as well as into customer quality of experience. This visibility enables engineers to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot problems, customer care representatives to provide effective solutions to subscribers, and marketing divisions to optimize smartphone applications.



RADCOM's smartphone optimization provides the following benefits:

  • Improves customer satisfaction by monitoring QoS for voice, SMS, broadband and data services per subscriber and groups of subscribers.
  • Resolves smartphone problems quickly and efficiently by providing service quality reports for engineers.
  • Optimizes the network for smartphone users by locating bottlenecks for network elements (GGSN, SGSN), cell locations and APNs.
  • Increases revenues by providing understanding of smartphone usage patterns.

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